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Find: Snoozy’s Kids for Kid Gifts and…Mom Gifts

Every few months you’re probably caught wondering what gift to buy for a birthday party, wondering how you’ll get it wrapped, or just wondering where you parked your car after a trip to a big toy store.

Wonder no more. In Birmingham, we have our own version of a Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, only our Mr. Magorium has a two-syllable name, George Jones, and a much less flamboyant hairstyle – that is to say, no hair to style.

Jones owns Snoozy’s Kids in Crestilne Village and was recently recognized with the Alabama Retailer of the Year Silver Award from the Alabama Retailer’s Association, but residents of the Mountain Brook area have long known that Snoozy’s is a treasure trove. In business 21 years, it has maintained a hard-earned reputation for excellent customer service and selection.

snoozy's 001.jpg

A tour with George is like being on a playdate with the kid who has all the best stuff, and he just keeps pulling more out of the toy chest. It’s clear he has never bought into the notion that you must one day stop discovering new toys, assembling train sets, or reading kids’ books with glee (the book display is like his personal bookshelf – this one is great, oh but look, you’ve gotta see this one…). Hence, he’s able to serve as his own market research group with an unerring eye for what is novel, entertaining and educational.

There are so many Find-worthy features at Snoozy’s Kids that the only solution is to offer a condensed version.

Personal Shoppers

One of George’s secrets is that he has several moms on staff who are in tune to what kids will love. Tell them the age and interests of your intended recipient and they will surprise you with the breadth of their suggestions. If they recommend a toy/character/game you’ve never heard of, take it as a sign that they’re already on the front end of a coming trend. This is essential, as you don’t want to be giving out Pokemon cards once they have been declared lame. Besides this, the staff also will:

  • Keep your payment info so you can charge over the phone
  • Insert your enclosure card if provided (give them a few to keep on file)
  • Gift wrap your purchase and have it ready for pick up – all complimentary
snoozy's 008.jpg

Surprising a kid with the latest, greatest toy is one thing, but we also know there are enduring classics that have made it to icon status like the Chatter Telephone (never mind that “rotary dial” is a useless term these days), Lincoln Logs, or the Inchworm. Snoozy’s Kids has these too, whether you believe your child desires them or just crave the satisfaction of owning them yourself once again.

Not Just for High Rollers

Crestline Village doesn’t pretend to be discount heaven. Nevertheless, don’t assume that things here are overpriced. Snoozy’s Kids’ prices are generally suggested retail, and that’s plenty fair considering that many of these items aren’t even offered at the big retailers. You can find something fascinating for $5 or $35. Don’t forget the complimentary gift wrap.  Maybe you can’t afford a personal assistant, but you can afford gift shopping help from Snoozy’s – it’s all included in the price.

snoozy's jewelry.jpg

Mom’s Shopping Section

When you bring your purchases up to the register, you may pause to review your selections or dig around for your debit card. This is when you’re bound to be distracted from your mission. The goodies here for moms are every bit as exciting as the kids’ stuff, with purses, totes, scarves, and jewelry. Look for of-the-moment pieces to polish your holiday attire:

  • “Statement” necklaces – refresh last year’s outfit
  • Big rings, the better for fashionably holding your holiday cocktail
  • Cuff bracelets - check out the delicately woven metals in silver or gold tones (bold without suggesting Wonder Woman’s cuffs)
  • Unique sterling pieces by an artisan right here in Irondale, many featuring crosses and organic shapes like circles or ovals along with semi-precious stones

Although any of these pieces would be welcomed by a sister or friend, you will rightly decide you are deserving of something for yourself. The jewelry and accessories get a more sophisticated gift wrapping with the desirable Snoozy’s sticker (one with the word “Kids” conspicuously absent so your pre-child girlfriends need not be apprehensive when they see the package).

So there you go, the reaons a BirminghamMom needs to be shopping Snoozy’s Kids, not just for the kids but for (gasp) themselves. Put their number, 205-871-2662, on speed dial and wonder how you will use the time and effort you’ve just saved yourself.