In Praise of Original Pumpkins, Costumes

roller head pumpkin.jpgIt’s only appropriate that after stern warnings against wearing rollers out in public (Nikki’s West sign) a Halloween pumpkin would make the classic pink foam look adorable. Check out her hair net. All she needs now is a tub of Dippity-Do.

Since white pumpkins have come into vogue, there’s no reason to be limited to basic orange. This green face mask on this white pumpkin was painted with acrylic paint. Fresh cucumbers serve as the eyes and the lips are on loan from a Mrs. Potato Head. The eyelashes are a marvelous touch. Kudos to the BirminghamMom I spoke with who made this.

If events up to this point are any indication, there will be lots of homemade costumes making the rounds this year, and that’s got to be a good thing.  Like toys, costumes have become less and less requiring of imagination or resourcefulness and more a standard package of licensed characters. I sort of miss the days when kids got the question, ”So what are you?”, and not just from the parents who had missed out on Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba.

Incidentally, it works both ways. Lots of times the kids themselves don’t know what they are. One year when our little Darth Vader was challenged to breathe “Luke, I am your father,” to get his candy, he had no clue that this phrase was an essential part of the persona. In retrospect, we got carried away with the Star Wars theme only because the dog made such a good Yoda.

Maybe the lesson is that Trick our Treaters, like the pumpkins, can use a little space for originality and an unconvetional look.