Window Hardware Pronto

hardware 013.jpg

After the agony of finding the perfect fabric or style for a window treatment, the next most difficult part is finding good-looking window hardware that conveys a presence without requiring a dip into a home equity line of credit.

Substantial curtains almost always require an investment. My mom is still begging me to take her old custom dupioni silk drapes from the house she lived in over 30 years ago. Apparently they don’t fit the dimensions of her current windows but they were so dear she can’t bear to just give them to the Salvation Army already. 

If you’re going for a light, breezy look, natural bamboo blinds may work just fine. Smaller size hardware has come a long way and is relatively inexpensive now, although it does tend to look the same from one manufacturer to another. If you’re hanging panels with a sleeve at the top, you don’t even have to worry about the look of the curtain rod; any old pole will do. 

However, if you are installing the finishing touch to your fully decorated room (and we know that getting to that point is monumental), then you don’t want to undermine your efforts with cheap looking hardware. This especially applies in rooms like the dining room where you’ll entertan guests, or a master bedroom where you’re likely to prefer sumptuous textiles and light control. Even simple linen curtains gain added presence (but not fuss) when they’re set off with strong hardware.

There is a store in town that can special order hardware for delivery within 24 – 48 hours, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Gotcha Covered in Lee Branch is a national chain, but the design staff there has lined up suppliers so that they can obtain first-quality window hardware in over a dozen finishes and a variety of styles. I learned about them from a designer I had known in my dealings with a fabric store. 

The 2 1/2″ diameter rod, rings, brackets and finials shown above, for example, can be ordered for scant more than $100 and received within two days. If you have compared prices for individual components of this size, you know that each one can run $30 to $50.  When you consider the quality and selection at Gotcha Covered, along with the ability to customize shapes, sizes and finishes, these really are a value.