Double Dip for Discounts on Purchases

It’s common practice to receive a register tape with an offer for a gift card in return for completing an online or phone survey. Target, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart routinely offer a shot at a giveaways for your opinion.

Those are okay, but it’s apparent the odds winning that $500 bounty are unlikely given the number of entries or the infrequency of the award (sometimes as seldom as once a quarter). Much better is a receipt that offers a  giveaway or discount on a future purchase, especially if you like the store and are likely to return. If you hastily file away or toss your receipt, you may be missing a opportunity to save during your next visit.

Burger King receipts offer a free Whopper or Original Chicken sandwich with any size drink and fries after completing a survey. Order from the value menu and you only spend pocket change.

JCPenney: Most receipts offer a 15% off code for your next purchase when you complete a survey within 7 days. Buy a smaller item, then plan to return later for the bigger purchase with your 15% savings code in hand.

Arby’s frequently has a free food deal for a completed survey. Compare the survey deal, which usually requires a drink purchase, with the current combo deals. 

Michael’s – There’s always a coupon in the Sunday paper, but if you don’t subscribe, you can buy something small at the register to generate a coupon for later. However, since practically everything in the store goes on sale systematically, you’re never more than a week or two away from finding whatever you want on sale. 

CVS – there are people who have elevated couponing with CVS into an art form, particularly with the CVS rewards card program. 

Some would argue the whole survey thing is a ruse to get you back into the store to spend again later. Sure it is. But that’s good strategy if it also offers you something useful saves money.

Take an extra second to look over your receipt, front AND back. You might find a discount you didn’t know you had.