Find: Artist’s Sketch Based on Your Photo

sketch.JPGI recently received an ad for a beautiful oil portrait and the price underneath it caught my eye – $1250. Only then I realized it was $1250 off of the portrait price. And while certainly there are some BirminghamMoms who will sacrifice to own such a treasure and will see it passed down for generations to come, I have accepted that things like, oh, kitchen appliances and college savings have had to come first.

I don’t feel so left out since earlier this year a friend recommended an artist, Urusula, who could transform a snapshot into a wonderful keepsake. Her work was mentioned among suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts.

BirminghamMoms who sent photos to Ursula for a sketch were not disappointed.  Look at what she did with this 4×6 photo. Now the image has been transformed into a classic piece with much more presence and a timeless quality. Oil portrait, no; inheritable and still budget-friendly, definitely.

Contact Ursula directly at for BirminghamMom preferred pricing of $60 per sketch and an unforgettable Christmas gift. No additional sittings are required.  

Note: This frame is ready-made from Michael’s and can be had from $19.99 to $25 on sale, depending on whether the mat material is white or linen (shown here).