Find: Ceramic Coffee Cup

ceramic coffee cup.jpgThanks to our coffee house culture, the mug is slowly being replaced by the lidded cup as the hot beverage vessel of choice. It almost feels unnatural now to stare at a computer screen and sip from anything without a white lid.This ceramic cup combines the best features of a lidded paper cup and the utility of a mug. It has a silicone lid that is easy to secure, and it does indeed prevent leaks and minimize spills, important factors for drinking near electronics or original documents. (The lid also wipes free of lipstick stains easily). A silicone band does for this cup what cardboard ones do for paper cups, helping retain heat while making the hot cup easier to hold. Obviously it is reusable.

Maybe the biggest advantage is that the ceramic cup is dishwasher safe, unlike insulated mugs that are great for keeping a drink warm on the run but have to be hand washed to maintain the thermal seal.

If you are trying to scale back your coffee house cravings and get more enjoyment out of your coffee pot at home, this cup at least helps maintain the illusion being barista brewed. It also makes a great gift (the red version is a fitting substitute for the seasonal red paper cups that signal it’s time to enjoy peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice latte). Add a bag of coffee, a tin of mocha or a flavored syrup, and you have a gift that is a step up from the ho-hum coffee mug.

Find it at World Market for $7.99.