Find: Extra Sturdy Wreath Hook

door hook.jpgI have fought my last battle with the puny wreath hooks that are typically sold in stores. For one thing, they bend easily and are often too short for the door, situating the wreath too high on the door panels. For another, they feel cheap – maybe because they are – and they have to be replaced almost every year.

A couple of years ago I found a great hook that can handle a heavy wreath, didn’t scratch the door, and held up to wind and weather. I’ve been able to use it year-round to hold this door basket on the basement door, which is completely exposed to the elements and is subject to inadvertent slams and “hurry abuse” that the front door just doesn’t get. You can see it has held up just fine, and let me point out that the door basket is probably 25 pounds when it is wet, yet the hook doesn’t waver.

I’m happy to report the hooks are available this year at Southern Accents on highway 31 in Pelham for only $2.99. The hooks are near the checkout stand and on and endcap along the back aisle, where you can also find heavy duty magnet sets that secure wreaths to glass windows or storm doors for $9.99.

Although the puny hangers are displayed beside these heavier, sturdier ones, you’ll have no trouble seeing the difference. They come in other finishes.

Give up on the brittle plastic and thin brass-finish wreath hangers. One of the these will serve just as well as a pricey catalog version.

  • Patti

    Any idea where to order the sturdy wreath hanger on line? My two wreaths are pine cone, large, very heavy, and we cannot find anything substantial.

  • Tina

    Patti, I have been looking into this and do not know of particular supplier for a heavy duty wreath hanger. I have given a personalized version from Pottery Barn as a wedding gift, and my friend told me later that she loved the hanger but couldn’t shut her door with the hanger over the top! It may be worth having a hook professionally installed (if the door is made of wood). You could also use the hook for a flat basket planted with greenery during the warmer months. Your wreaths sound beautiful.