Spots for Christmas Card Photos in Birmingham

Although the chore of sending holiday cards almost always falls to mom, receiving reciprocal cards makes it all worth the effort. The most welcome holiday cards are from the friends we see less than we’d like, either because they live elsewhere or because their orbits somehow don’t overlap ours. Cards with photos are the very best, whether they are part of the card itself or are just slipped into a regular card. 

If you’re doing photos, why not send something that conveys a real sense of place rather than a studio or the living room mantle? Birmingham has so much more to offer. (By the way, if you think it’s cheesy to pose in a public space, I ask you, how is that any worse than reclining in front of a fake fireplace among prop presents?) 

Vulcan Park – stand at the overlook near the viewing binoculars for one of the best skyline shots in the city. If you’re a skilled photographer you could get a great shot at dusk with the city lights in the background. The park is open late (until 10 p.m., in fact). Evening admission includes Vulcan’s observation tower for $3 each. 

The Carousel at the Galleria. During the holidays the usual animals on the carousel are swapped for reindeer. You’ll need to go early or late, when there isn’t a crowd. BirminghamMom note: If you are in the photo, do not position yourself near the rear of a reindeer unless you want to imagine unflattering comparisons once the photos are printed.

Another Galleria option is the upper level facing out over the food court near J.Jill. The background is chock full of suspended lights and decorations, and the red and white carousel top really sparkles. Even the lit elevators on the other side make a festive backdrop.

The fountain at Five Points – an iconic symbol of Birmingham and the church behind it makes a beautiful background. You may have to zoom in if you don’t want to include loiterers in the background. Hey, this is authentic. 

The outdoor chess set in Crestline Village makes for an interesting photo. If you live there, you take it for granted, but non-neighbors think its pretty cool.

The Cabose in Helena across from The Depot – hop on the back for a fun photo with the perfect red background. Your young Thomas the Tank fan would love it. Note to the mayor: Slap a wreath on that thing and encourage photo ops for the best PR you could ever wish!

Personally, I prefer the photos of the whole family for the simple reason that I know some kids only through their parents and might not recognize them otherwise. The majority of photos we receive only include the kids, and I understand because it’s harder to coordinate having the whole family in a picture (besides scheduling, who will set up the camera?).

Sadly, I have a girlfriend who has long proclaimed she won’t be in the Christmas photo until she’s lost X pounds. As you can guess, she hasn’t been in one this decade. BirminghamMoms, don’t let something like this keep you from posing with your family. Besides, now seems a good time to extoll the benefits of digital reprints: cropping and smudging.