Door Buster Sales: Busted Already

I feel for the retail workers who are back on duty for 6 a.m. doorbuster specials the day after Christmas. They had to have been dead on their feet by the time the store closed on Christmas Eve, and now they have to get the tired old sets they tended so carefully before Christmas re-warmed for CLEARANCE with big red signs and hundreds of little red pricing stickers. 

Even I have sale fatigue. The retailer holiday emails have badgered me to death, starting encouragingly enough with, ”Get a head start on your holiday shopping” but then cycling through, “Hurry! 20% off starts today”, “Only three more days for 20% Savings”, “Last day for savings!”. These were quickly followed with another round of free shipping and upping the ante to 30% savings, escalating to “last minute deals” and the feverish “only 48 hours left!”. On Christmas Day I even received an e-mail from Barnes & Noble offering an “instant gift” (electronic gift certificate) to the neice or nephew you forgot.

So it’s Doorbuster time again. Big deal. What can possibly be behind those doors that we haven’t seen and evaluated already? I suppose the lesson is that the stuff is always on sale and it’s only a matter of context. You’re either a B.C. (Before Christmas) or A.C. (After Christmas) shopper. Now, thanks to instant gifts, apparently you can be an I.C. – Instant Christmas – shopper too.

If you’re a doorbuster or even casual shopper during these days, check out these suggestions for clearance deals that will give you a no-hype, genuine head start for next year.