Find: Photocandy – Sweeten Your Favorite Photo


There’s a place for the serious portrait, complete with gilt frame and formal background. And then there is a place for the portrait that is a bit saucier and maybe unexpected, something that conveys personality reflecting both the subject and the portrait owner. can create an unforgettable image ranging from elegant and avant guard to whimsical and fantastic.

What I love is that the Photocandy artist uses the photo you provide to her as the basis of her product. You know for yourself that only a few favorite photos  perfectly capture a moment, an expression, or an age that you ever want to forget. Photocandy makes your digital image into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art to memorialize your subject and your moment. Take a look at the galleries to get an idea of the possibilities (don’t miss the pets!).

How precious would a graphical rendering like one of these be for one of any number of wonderful occasions? A first birthday. A graduation. Sisters, athlete, wedding day…the list goes on.  As precious as the images may have been before, they look positively enchanted after a treatment by Photocandy. Imagine how energizing one of these would be in your home.

You can order online and provide your digital image directly to the artist, whereupon you are provided with up to three digital proofs for review. Once you’ve made your selection, the work is completed and finalized by the artist, who has your image printed on paper or stretched on canvas in the size you specify. The piece is then chemically treated so that it is resistant to damage from sunlight or moisture, ensuring that your work of art brings many years of enjoyment.

Even sweeter, is offering free domestic shipping on orders in December. In addition, the artist will be giving away an 8×10 once each week from those who join her Facebook fan page.  Skip the sepia toned photograph and go for something that will wake a wall!

Special offer for BirminghamMoms! Mention BirminghamMom with any canvas order and receive 10 stationery cards with your order, a great way to share your special image with friends and family.