Find: Plate for a Picky Eater

funny face plate.jpg

I feel for the parents of picky eaters. After all, it’s understandable when your child has a medical need to avoid certain foods, but it has to be exasperating when your kid is just plain unwilling to step out of a comfort zone.

On more than one occasion we’ve had families with young children over for dinner and I always ask what the younger ones will like. One mom told me, ”Don’t worry about it, all he eats is Pop Tarts and we’ll bring one of our own.” And yes, that kid turned down pizza (a kid! turning down pizza!) for his dry toaster pastry.

I’ll be honest, I’m sort of old-school about food. I figure by the time kids can indicate a preference for a certain food, they can also figure out they’ll need to eat if they don’t want to go hungry. I’m not the Pop Tart-totin’ type, but I’m happy to report our previous guest has long outgrown the phase now, even if he is still pretty particular about his food.

Here’s a fun plate that might induce your picky eater to at least touch his green beans, even if he won’t eat them. It’s modeled after the old magnet game, Wooly Willy, where you used a magnetic stylus to move tiny iron shavings around Willy’s face. Of course it’s a gimmick, but haven’t we all dive-bombed airplane spoonfulls into distracted mouths just to see strained carrots swallowed?

The plate is $9.99 at Barnes & Noble in the Starbucks section (look among the seasonal display with coffee mugs).