Find: Purse Hook

purse hook.JPG

Whether you schlep around a cheap purse or carry a fine designer bag, you probably can’t avoid placing it on the floor from time to time, especially in a restaurant. Chances are also good that when you bring a load in from the car you drop everything on the kitchen counter to sort, including your (previously on the floor) purse. We wouldn’t let our kids put their shoes on the furniture, let alone the kitchen counter, but we’re not so vigilant about our own purses.

One alternative to placing your purse on the floor is the purse hook. Normally, I try not to complicate my life with accessories for accessories. This purse hook is a worthy exception, though. Although I’ve seen them in stores like Stein Mart, I didn’t care for the ones that are encrusted with sparkly stones and shaped like lipsticks or shoes. Then my friend whipped hers out the other day and I knew it was the simple, functional look I would like. Maybe it helped that it coordinated perfectly with her purse and green jacket.

She tipped me off to these at A.K.A. Girls’ Stuff in Homewood, where they’re only $10 and come in a matching little case (I guess that gets me three-deep in accessories to accessories). No matter, it’s a great price and so much better than kicking around your bag under the table.

While we’re on the subject of purses, don’t forget the key finder. I conservatively estimate it has saved me a collective 12 hours of my life – not to mention frustration – over the past two years as I have not had to dig around in a bag for my keys.