Laundry Solution: Stackable Bins Serve as Laundry Baskets

Maybe a clean pile of laundry is preferable to a dirty pile, but both are disconcerting in their own ways.  You can keep dirty laundry hidden in a hamper or closet, but what about keeping the clean laundry tidy in the time until it is put away? Even when clothing is sorted and neatly folded in open baskets, it still looks slightly undone.

These bins are the perfect way-station for clean clothes that need to be returned to drawers or closets. Put a set in your laundry area and assign one to each kid (or adult, they’re large enough). Ideally, the clean clothes can be placed directly in the bins after being pulled from the dryer or (ugh) ironed.

  • Bins store like drawers and have a neat appearance whether full or empty
  • Bins can be removed completely from either side of the holder and toted to bedrooms, etc. by respective owners
  • Handles on both sides allow kids to easily carry them like regular laundry baskets
  • Two-drawer units are stackable and sturdy
  • Bins have enough space to allow for air circulation so clothes don’t get stale

A set of these bins by Sterilite is $29.99 in the storage/organizer section of Wal-Mart. The current version is dark beige.