More Elf Tricks


The elves are back and some BirminghamMoms have reported strange happenings in their homes.

Like last year, the elves seem to like vis-a-vis markers for leaving greetings on bathroom mirrors, shower doors, and even aquariums.  This year they have been working double time:

One morning an elf appeared wearing its kid’s Silly Bandz on its arms.

Another  elf was caught wearing its kids earrings. Lucky it didn’t get into mom’s dangly ones! That would have looked even sillier on those tiny pointed ears!

A set of elves must have missed the snow at the North Pole. They were found on the kitchen counter in a big bowl full of sea salt. Mom reports that the salt looked very convincing as snow.

More snow substitues: An elf was found be inside a clear container of marshmallows. He was so deep that only his head and mittens were sticking up from all the marshmallows.  It must be really tough on the snow loving elves assigned to stay with us in the deep south.

You never can tell where these elves will show up. I’ve seen an elf photo appear as a screensaver on a family’s computer. Some elves have even had their photos entered into cell phone home screens. We’ve known of busy elves who apparently took photos of themselves all over the house (next to the sleeping dog, in a backyard swing, holding the toothpaste) and then loaded them onto the TV monitor as a slideshow. That made the kids really suspicious of what could be going on when they’re sleeping.

Most moms seem to prefer elves who are fun-loving but don’t make a mess too big to clean on a hurried morning. Some moms have even made deals with elves to limit tricks to a couple of times a week. I’ll bet these are the same moms who stick to their grocery lists.

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