Pajama Jeans


pajama jeans.jpgI’m totally intrigued by this product: Pajama Jeans. They’re billed as “Pajamas to live in. Jeans to sleep in.”

Where were these back when I was on maternity leave?

They’re sold by, which says they’re made of Dormisoft, a denim consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They don’t look bad. Certainly, they look a little more presentable than the pajama pants, sweats, and velour active wear that I graduated through during the postpartum continuum of time during which days and nights were impossible to distinguish.

During that time all previously established routines of sleeping and bathing were completely disrupted, and I’m pretty sure dental hygeine was also neglected. An option like this might have at least given me the chance to appear dressed for daylight instead of looking like a perpetual sleepwalker in pjs.

Maybe these aren’t premium denims, but they’re not the usual mom jeans, either. A touch of Spandex is common in a lot of clothing now, as it allows some give and a better drape in the fabric. This is fortunate for us moms since, when you’re with kids, there’s no use wearing anything you can’t kneel, squat, or run in at a brisk clip.

Inspecting the enlarged photo, it appears that the topstitching is real and so are the rivets. There’s no fly and there are no belt loops, accounting for another large part of the comfort factor. (Need I mention that some of us give up belts for a awhile, maybe indefinitely, after delivery?) Pajama Jeans are meant to be worn with a top that is untucked, and in fact the gray t-shirt is included n the $59.95 price.

When it’s all about comfort, maybe Pajama Jeans are just the thing for new moms. As much as I hate to say it, It may take a little while to get back into ”real” jeans anyway.