Find: Brushpicks Improve on Floss

brushpicks.jpgHaving your hygienist ask whether you are flossing your teeth faithfully is a lot like when your hairdresser asks you if you’ve been trimming your own bangs. She knows the answer but she just wants you to feel the shame in responding. In the moment of truth you’re painfully aware that she’s also weilding sharp objects about your head while you are stuck in an adult high chair wearing a bib.

Is there any daily routine more unexciting than flossing? For that matter, is there any daily routine that is more happily skipped?

This find doesn’t make flossing any more exciting, but it is more practical than unwinding a spool, winding floss around your fingers, etc. These are Brushpicks and they are remarkable because one end is actually molded into tiny soft bristles.

This makes Brushpicks much better at getting that little speck of broccolli out of your teeth after lunch and before an afternoon meeting. If your kids wear braces, these are incredibly simple to use and easier to maneuver than some of the typical orthodontic products. They’re far superior to ordinary toothpicks.

You still need wooden toothpicks for things like serving hors de oeuvres, holding together a wrap sandwich, and testing a cake for doneness. And you can use dental floss to slice a cake (a useful hint when you’re having a party at the park and forget to bring the knife – assuming you have the trusty sample of dental floss in your cosmetic bag). But for preparing to face your hygienist, these picks may be your best defense.