Find: Swedish Moccasins (“Sockasins”)


I’ve heard three different moms raving about these when I’ve been out and about and they clearly rate a find for moms chasing busy feet.

You probably remember versions of these when you were a kid yourself, but apparently Hanna Andersson makes the mom-favored version for kids. Moccasins are the original footwear, and soft suede soles for kids have been standard for a long time, but the “Swedish moccasin” (Hanna Andersson is a Swedish company) is the best hybrid of warm socks and comfortable moccasins. One mom refers to them as “sockasins”, which I think is just perfect.

These are great for padding around the house or playing indoors. They have a bit more grip than a sock alone and certainly wear better, plus they’re machine washable. One of the best features is that they stay on, even during a restless daytime nap. They’re the next best thing to wearing footed pajamas, and on a cold day in a stroller, it’s nice to know the feet that keep kicking out from under the blanket are well covered.

I know a mom of three girls who swears by the Hanna Andersson catalog, stating that all three of her girls have been able to wear in turn everything she has purchased from the company. The quality of the fabrics, including their durability and colorfastness, has given each garment several seasons of heavy use. Because of its excellent reputation, the brand does well via consignment sales also.