Holidays are Over…Now We’re Supposed to Organize This Stuff?

ornament bin.jpg

It’s post holidays and the house has looked like an abandoned frat party for the better part of a week. BirminghamMoms know the Big Clean Up is the best excuse we’ll get to reset our dwellings.

After all the work it takes to coordinate a successful season for the family, aren’t we entitled to vegetate a moment in a Snuggie* and a comfy chair? But no, we’re supposed to bounce right into archiving all the stuff and snapping it away in neat plastic bins.

It’s remarkable that we moms are so resilient that we can even stand the thought of tackling household organizing immediately after Christmas. A display atop a row of bins in Target taunts, “Every Room. Organized.”

Of course, Target is only playing into our deepest household fantasies in order to sell plastic ware. It’s almost impossible to live in a house with kids and even adults and have every room organized, at least simultaneously. More like, “Every room. Organized…for a moment.”

Ah, but the hope of that brief organized moment is so enticing. All the click clacks and snap shuts and roll aways are worth their fully loaded weight when we know there truly is a place for everything, even if, alas, everything is not in its corresponding place. For the latter problem, we can always resort to nagging, which we can at least do from a comfy chair. 

* Please let the annoying Snuggie commercials end! Would a group of fans ever sit at a ball field wearing such things? No self-respecting people would debase themselves or their team in this way. What grown man walks around “raising the roof” wearing a Snuggie? And that poor dog, bless its heart.

The Snuggie has to be the brainchild of someone forced to wear a hospital gown and watch infomercials. They might feel good at home, but please don’t wear them to the theater.