Keep Dining Coupons Handy

coupon holder for car.jpg
I am an established discount diner, the kind that has to rifle through the coupon drawer before ordering a pizza. It’s a point of pride that I can yield my tastes to whatever is included in the buy one, get one special. So great is my determination to use these deals that my daughter at three once objected, “But mommy, I just want to eat what my tongue wants to taste.”  

The school coupoon book practically dictates our dining out options for the following year. With so many restaurants offering deals in these books, I have to insist we at least try to select something from them when we go out. In fact, the thought that one of us can eat free or that we’ll get an appetizer thrown in is often my justification for going out in the first place.

That’s why it’s important that the coupon books be handy. It is hard to fully enjoy a meal knowing you’ve left a $10 entree sitting in a drawer at home in the form of a perforated slip of paper.  A plastic envelope in the car will keep all your discount dining options accessible. 

One of these document envelopes will hold a couple of coupon books as well as the Clipper Magazine, assorted Val-Pak slips, and direct mail pieces. It fits nicely in a seat pocket and is much easier to manage since the loose papers are always contained. You may even have space for a few favorite menus. 

If you swap cars to ride together, it’s easy to grab the envelope out of your car and take with you. It’s also the perfect way to keep up with those bounce-back receipts that have special offers if you complete a customer satisfaction survey. 

Best of all, you can let the kids look through the envelope for something that looks good to them. With enough conditioning, they too may develop a strong taste for a discount.