Skip the Trip to NYC for Fun Accessories


Time was when you had to enlist a friend headed to New York City to grab the latest fun costume jewelry, sunglasses and accessories for a song on the streets or in Chinatown. If you went to the Big Apple, maybe a buddy gave you a $20 bill and asked you to bring back a hip item for her.

Now there’s no need to travel and hassle with street vendors since the same imports are widely available. One of the best sources in Birmingham is Accessory City in Patton Creek at Hoover.

The walls are lined with costume jewelry in trendy styles, but there are also crystal, sterling, and other pieces with semi precious stones. Opera wallets, small luggage and laptop totes, sunglasses and scarves are all around the place, and of course there are bags in all – and I do mean ALL – sorts of colors and patterns. (The bags may be designer inspired but they’re not designer knock offs, which always felt too shady for me to worry with, even in NYC.).

Nobody pretends these are investment pieces. They’re just for fun and frivolous enough to spice up an outfit for a few bucks. In fact, you may find that a few of the items are made as well as those you’d find at department stores with a higher price. Let’s face it, almost all maunfacturing for costume bags and accessories is outsourced now, so most of them are more alike than different, regardless of whether they’re a national brand or no brand.

A couple of my out-of-town friends like to check out the store before hopping on the interstate and heading home. Shopping here sure beats buying stuff out of a stall on the street.  If you like trying new things or have an occasional wish for something big and bold to wear, this is your store.

*Accessory City’s a good source for fun Valentine gifts for a daughter, mother-in-law, etc.