Read Across America Day March 2nd

Reading is so important to me that I feel sorry for the folks who never get lost in a good book. Is there anything better than the feeling that you’ve got to know what happens, yet you hate for the story to end? You sort of decelerate toward the last page, savoring every word up until the very last sentence.

The National Education Association will be celebrating “Read Across America Day” March 2nd, with the work of Dr. Seuss as the featured program. The goal is for every child to be “reading in the company of a caring adult” and there’s no reason we BirminghamMoms can’t make that happen in our households.

As part of its partnership with NEA, Target is hosting events at its stores from 9 – 11 a.m. on Saturday, February 27th. The event is free and will include Dr. Seuss related activities. You can download fun activities from Target’s website as well as the NEA’s site.

There’s nothing like a Dr. Seuss book to bring a high-and-mighty adult down to his or her kid-like center. Grandparents are particularly effective at these readings, although you don’t pretend you don’t always strive for a personal best reading One Fish, Two Fish without a flub.

Note: There is a wonderful mural of Dr. Seuss characters on the back wall of Mellow Mushroom on College Street in Auburn. I was admiring it once and the manager at the time said he had actually met Theodor Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, when he was a child growing up in another state. Apparently Geisel came to read at his school and the manager, then about eight years old, had a broken leg and was sitting in a wheelchair at the back of the room. Geisel noticed him and asked to have him moved closer to the front so he could see better. Of course, he never forgot this show of thougtfulness. Isn’t that a lovely story?