Couponing Seminar

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// ]]><!– /* */ –>You know times are tough when the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce is hosting a seminar on couponing. It just goes to show that we’re all trying to get the best value for our buck, no matter what part of Birmingham we call home.

The March 24th seminar, Go & Grow: Meet Your Local Grocers, will feature the grocers and pharmacies of Mountain Brook as well as expert couponing instruction from Holly Syx, a homeschooling BirminghamMom with a family of eight. The grocers and pharmacies will be discussing how to maximize their own in-store deals and services, while Syx’ couponing guidance will apply to shopping with any retailer.

The Mountain Brook Chamber has made a concerted effort to encourage residents to shop local, and it shows in the care and connection between the residents and their retail stores. The Chamber wisely points out that dollars residents spent within the community ultimately benefit them again as they help support their services and the overall quality of life in the area.

Registration is required and there is a fee; all materials will be provided. Visit the Chamber’s website to learn more.