Husbands Need Permission Slips to Pick Colors

I’d like to commend this flooring store on Oxmoor Road for its sensible approach to curbing maverick husbands.

They’ve obviously had some issues with men who dared to select home furnishing products on their own. Of course, such a slip-up would have disaster written all over it. How many guys do you know who could distinguish among colors named riverbed, stone, and flat rock? And those are easy compared to selecting from among ballerina pink, pink innocence, and pink blush on the same color card.

This reminds me of the time I sent my husband to the store for a carton of whipping cream and he came back with a tub of Cool Whip.

I would caution the husbands who think they can pick colors without their wives that to do so is in itself poor judgment. For your own protection (and peace), get a note.