Roly Poly Dessert/Snack Ideas

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// ]]><!– /* */ –>Roly Poly at Patton Creek in Hoover has kids eat free night on Tuesdays, and while I was there recently I noticed an unusual addition to the menu: Roly Poly Dessert Sandwiches. The concept of “dessert” + ”sandwiches” caught me by surprise, so I asked the manager about them. She said the staff had been experimenting with different ingredients back in the kitchen and they decided these concoctions were so good that they would add them to the menu.

Looking at the descriptions, these seem like great ideas for snacks to make at home with the few leftover tortillas you have after making an enchilada casserole (I can never seem to make them all come out even). You sprinkle the ingredients on a tortilla and grill until golden brown:

  • Peaches n’ Cream – Cream cheese spread, fruity peach spread
  • Roly Poly S’more – Marshmallow spread, graham cracker crumbles, chocolate syrup
  • Hawaiian Bend – cream cheese spread, peanut butter spread, pineapple, cinnamon sprinkles
  • Peanut Butter Twister – Peanut butter spread, peanut butter cookie crumbles, apple butter, cinnamon sprinkles
  • Chocolate Brownie Surprise – Chocolate syrup, fudge brownie bits, cashews

These unconventional Roly Poly-ists also offer Scrambled Egg Rolys for breakfast, which has me thinking these would be easy on the run (a self-contained sandwich with as much substance as an omelette, only easier to eat).

Like other Roly Poly locations they cater and you can order online. My hat’s off to the staff at the Patton Creek location for thinking up new things to put on a tortilla.