The Big Read: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are the original Bad Boys of American literature, the mischievous-minded trouble makers we can’t help but love. Mark Twain (i.e., Samuel Clemens) gave us these characters back in 1876 and they still define our image of childhood.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been selected as this year’s Big Read, a program designed to revitalize the role of literature in our lives. The fun of participating in the Big Read is that it’s like being part of one giant book club, with an abundance of downloads and supporting material available and all area libraries providing excellent programming.

You can read about Tom’s adventures along with your kids and enjoy the shared experience. Although you were probably required to read the book as a student, read it again now and you’ll find whole new meanings that you missed the first time around.

There are too many events to list, but here’s a sample: