Young Women’s Empowerment Conference

Many of us learned our way around college applications, opening a savings account, and how to behave in particular settings from a slew of mentors including our parents, school counselors, or other adults. Even then, we certainly  had a thing or two left to learn about the real world once we were on our own.

Imagine if we hadn’t had mentors with reliable advice. Navigating on our own would have been much more difficult. The Young Women’s Empowerment Conference was created so that promising young women between 14 and 19 could receive instruction on topics like preparing for college, financial awareness, and business etiquette in a one-day program that is of no cost to them.

The event is invitation only so that attendees who are intentional about their goals and objectives are able to get the most from the experience. This year’s conference is scheduled for March 27th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Birmingham YWCA. Candidates can apply online and the deadline is March 15th.

If you know a girl who would benefit from networking with other teens and receiving valuable advice in preparing for her future, let her know about the conference application. Then be sure to offer your continued insight and support as she enters adulthood.