Stroller-Friendly 4K Walk

I sometimes wonder how pediatricians cope with treating abused and injured children. The worst aspect must be realizing that a child’s life has been altered forever by a preventable injury inflicted by a caregiver.

Shaken Baby Syndrome, or SBS, is a condition that is entirely preventable if a caregiver is made aware of the dangers of shaking a baby and also educated on how to deal with a crying baby. A baby is usually shaken by a caregiver in a moment of frustration, yet the consequences last a lifetime (and one in four victims dies as a result).

The UAB Department of Pediatrics is hosting its inaugural Shaken Baby Prevention  4K Stroll and Education Program with the goal of supporting the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program. The Program’s goal is to provide education on Shaken Baby Syndrome to every birthing hospital and daycare center in the state. The Stroll takes place Saturday, April 10th, and will have a stroller route along the UAB campus green (on University Drive between 16th and 18th Streets South). There will also be a route for fast walkers around the campus perimeter.

As moms, we certainly can relate to the feeling of helplessness and frustration a caregiver can experience with a crying child. Almost 80% of the perpetrators of Shaken Baby Syndrome are male, and likely not prepared for handling a crying baby. This stroll is one way moms can help by supporting the education of new moms on how they and other caregivers are to handle their baby.

Despite the serious topic, the atmoshphere for the stroll promises to be fun and entertaining. There will be a Kids’ Zone with games and activities and a vendor area with samples and information. If you’ve ridden by the Campus Green, you know it is a lovely area and perfect for spending a spring morning out with your family and other moms. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and is $25; kids under 12 are free.