A Day to Put the Focus Back on Mom

"Loveumama" hydrangea at Aldridge Gardens

There’s a little something they don’t tell you about becoming a mom that you usually discover on your own.

You may have been the apple of your daddy’s eye or the your momma’s sweet little girl, but once you become a mom yourself, your own party’s over. You go home to visit and your folks come running out of the house to toward you like always, except they suddenly change course and head straight for the baby carrier. Conversations are now about baby milestones, not your milestones. At family get togethers, you’re exempted from bringing a dish as long as you bring the entertainment – i.e., The Baby.

So it’s fitting that Mother’s Day turns the attention, even momentarily, back to moms instead of the kids. That goes not just for those of us who are still rearing children, but also our own moms who also moved to second billing themselves when we arrived.

 Now we understand our moms better, and it’s even more heartfelt – if rushed – when we send them our thoughts on Mother’s Day. It’s not that our mom isn’t on our minds the rest of the year; it’s just that we get preoccupied with the kids. Luckily, Mom understands.

Note: It took a few seconds for me to realize that the variety of hydrangea pictured above wasn’t named after some ancient Greek goddess but was apparently a tribute to good ol’ mom. Athletes celebratng a victory into the camera aren’t the only ones who can give their moms a great shout out; apparently botanists can be pretty clever, too.