Find:OFF! Clip-On Bug Repellent Works

OFF! Clip On

OFF! Clip-On bug repellents were introduced last year to great fanfare, so great that there were none to be found in Birmingham by mid-summer. Finding replacement pads wasn’t a problem, but the Clip-ons themselves were scarce. I personally went to several stores and was either told I was out of luck or offered rain checks for if and when they received a new shipment.

I was grateful to finally find a Clip-On practically hidden in a late-season display in a Rite-Aid, and I found that it worked as well as I had hoped. For this reason, Clip-Ons rate a “find” even though they may be old news to a lot of BirminghamMoms.

There are several advantages to Clip-Ons that would be helpful in addition to or in place of typical bug spray:

  • A fan circulates the repellent so that it isn’t necessary to apply it directly to your skin. This seems a better alternative for young children or those with sensitive skin. Also, the circulation in itself seems effective in keeping mosquitoes away.
  • Have you noticed what bug repellent does to your manicure? The alcohol in most sprays breaks down and dulls the finish of your polish, no small annoyance when you have spent precious time polishing your nails. This product allows you to avoid ruining your manicure or pedicure (although there is still no way that I know of to avoid this with products containing an SPF).
  • No matter what fragrance, have you ever found a bug repellent scent that you wanted as a lingering odor for the rest of the day? Even if the fragrance is not as noticeable outdoors, it’s usually pretty prominent when it’s time to go inside. If you don’t care to smell like ”eau de back woods,” this product allows you to lose the fragrance the moment you turn it off and remove it.
  • The clip works great on a belt or waistband, but is also large and flexible enough to attach to a stroller handle, perfect for outdoor events.

On the downside, these are designed to repel bugs from a few feet, which is essentially one person’s space. For young children, however, your space IS their space. The device requires batteries and the pads last for 12 hours. I store my Clip-On in a plastic sealable bag between uses to keep the pad inside from drying out. I’ve also experimented with re-wetting the pads with repellent, but that hasn’t proven as effective.

Most of the ads for the Clip-On show a mom outside on the lawn wearing her Off Clip-On and reading a book.  Ha! More likely if we are outside we are chasing kids, pulling weeds, grilling or pushing someone on a swing. Whatever you’re doing, the Clip-On can stay on you, and just as quickly, it can be OFF! of you, which is just as much a relief.