Father’s Day: Beyond Nose Trimmers

Moms, we’re now into the 21st millenium, and all I can think is that we are surely beyond giving grooming kits for Father’s Day gifts. As a girlfriend commented, “Isn’t that the equivalent of getting a blender for Mother’s Day?”

I would say the comparison is more like getting a bathroom scale or a pedometer as a gift – i.e., a not-so-subtle message that you need to tend to things before you’re too far gone.

Now, even if your man is sprouting Snuffy Smith nose hair, you can do better than a grooming kit. (Of course, we’re talking about gifts for our husbands who are now fathers, not our own dads, who are in a whole different category and are even less receptive to battery-operated grooming; they trust their long-time barbers to manage their bushy eyebrows.)  Still, here are some ideas:

* Load his iPod with some favorite tunes, ones that you know he likes but just hasn’t had time to download for himself. Throw in a couple of favorites the kids like to sing as well.

* Help the kids make a cake or cookies that include his favorite candy. For example, a Snickers-inspired cake or Butterfinger cheesecake will be a fun way to spend time together and it will be a treat for him. Besides, you all get to enjoy the product plus whatever candy is left over.

* Digital photos – there’s so much potential here. Take a digital image to most any photo shop (Wolf isn’t the cheapest but they do great work) and you can have a large-sized stretched canvas for his office or man-cave in about an hour. (This is a great option for your dad as well).

* Jennifer Harwell Art has some clever wine stoppers that start at just $10 and feature a screwdriver head, golf driver, valve knob, etc. If he appreciates a good bottle of vino, here’s one way he can tag his.

* Make him a great keepsake box. Doesn’t your husband have some corner in his closet or a drawer where he keeps the little notes and art projects the kids have made him? For the most part, guys just don’t scrapbook or catalogue this stuff. A great box is just the ticket.

Get a DVD/CD box at Michael’s or WalMart for around two bucks and decorate the inside with a snapshot or two pasted in the lid. Have kids add their handwriting or scribbles, and write/date a short note yourself. This gives him a place to keep stashing his sentimental keepsakes and meets your decorating sensibilities. Haven’t you allowed enough football memorabilia into the house already?

As for the grooming kits and increasingly fuzzy ears, we’ll have to find another approach. Let’s watch for the same kits in a few weeks when they’re 75% off.