Find: All Natural Bug Repellent

It’s summer time in Birmingham and without bug repellent my kids will be covered in red polka dots of bug bites.  Even though we are careful to purchase DEET-free repellent, deep down I’ve wondered about the effects of applying bug spray to their legs and arms virtually every day of the summer…until today!

This morning, at the Pepper Place Farmers Market, I visited with Laura and Michael Vest of Earth Garden Naturals.  The sign “Skeeter Beater” caught my attention immediately.  And there, I discovered two types of all natural repellent – one for children under 4 and another for the rest of us.   I purchased Skeeter Beater Jr. and the ingredients basically include various mints, catnip and water.   Additionally, the Vests suggested that I make sure our soaps use similar ingredients – lavender and peppermint – smells that do not attract bugs.  Of course, that is so logical. (Note to pre-teen boys: Axe body wash is a sure to attract skeeters, and its doubtful that it will attract girls.)

So here’s to the summer season in Birmingham and one that I hope will be bug-bite free – naturally!

Skeeter Beater and Skeeter Beater Jr. can be purchased for $12.50 from Earth Garden Naturals on Saturday mornings at Pepper Place Market.  They also have a website