Find: Lock N Load for Hanging Baskets Without Hardware

If you’re already enjoying potted plants in your well-tended back deck container garden, read no further.

But if you’ve got a deck that practically hangs off a cliff (as many in Birmingham do), are living in an apartment or condo with a tiny balcony, or are hopefully experimenting with growing tomatoes upside down, this is a little gizmo that might be helpful.

The Lock N Load is designed to hold a flowering basket through the railing of a typical deck. What’s interesting is that it requires no hardware and relies on the weight of the basket to hang securely cantilevered against the railing. From a practical standpoint, it can be stored away in the winter without leaving an empty hook or darkened spot where a pot once stood.

For moms with no hardware skills, no handyman in sight, or no wish to see holes drilled into her decking, the Lock N Load is an easy answer.

* Limited deck space to begin with? This lets you hang a basket on the outside of the railing but still in easy reach of harvesting herbs or tomatoes

* Hang a fern or flowering basket outside the railing to emphasize steps or a landing going up to your deck

* Hang pots at any height in between deck railings; hang them high to enjoy plants from the deck, or low to enjoy from the space below the deck

* Temporary apartment dwellers: Buy a ready-made hanging plant to brighten your deck without a needing a heavy pot, stand, or casters to move when the time comes – the Lock N Load will take no more storage space than a picture frame

The Lock N Load isn’t aesthetically remarkable, to be sure, but you could paint or stain it to match your deck and it would fade into the background.

Find the Lock N Load for $8.95 at the Garden Shop of Homewood, corner of GreenSprings and Oxmoor roads.