Junk Store for Golf Guys

Birmingham already has an Old Car Heaven and now I’ve found an Old Golf Club Heaven. At Sam Lilly Liquidators on Highway 52 West in Helena, there are over 15,000 used golf clubs in stock and every one of them is priced at $10.

Of course, a serious golfer is going to look for the particular brands that he* believes will improve his game, but anybody who is just experimenting with golf might find a few clubs to get by before making a larger investment. Some sporting goods stores offer deals on new purchase with incentives for trade-ins on old clubs. There just might be a diamond in the “rough” here (golf pun intended).

The store also has are used golf carts, golf bags for $15 and golf balls priced at 50 cents each.

The store isn’t just golf merchandise. It also has unrelated items such as clothing, shoes, office furniture, home accessories and toys. Like any salvage store, stock changes unpredictably, but most of Sam Lilly’s inventory comes from Kmart and is priced at 60% off the tag.

Frankly, some prices aren’t much better than clearance prices at the retail stores themselves, and there are no refunds. However, it’s the quirky selection that makes it worth a look. The day I was there, they had a bay of metal school lockers being sold “as is” for $100. A good coat of white paint and those things would have made a fantastic basement or mudroom storage system.

So don’t go in search of anything in particular, but do go when you find yourself in the vicinity and want to dabble around for something random. Plan lunch at  Frankie’s Market Cafe , a produce market and diner just down the street that serves freshly prepared vegetables and can sell you produce for the road. If Sam Lilly Liquidators doesn’t have something for you, tomatoes or okra from Frankie’s will ensure your trip to Helena is still a success.

*Of course, women golf as well, but the vast majority of these clubs appear suited to men. I have the feeling this store opened so Sam’s wife wouldn’t have 15,000 clubs in her basement anymore.