MOMS Get Together for Playdates, Girl Time

Moms of young children know even the comforts of home can be exhausted. At some point the basement playroom or backyard sandbox becomes a little constraining and even Yo Gabba Gabba becomes cheerless.

The antidote to Mommy isolation is to leave the family compound and enjoy some social time with other moms and kids. The MOMS Club of Birmingham, OTM (Over the Mountain) chapter is comprised of women who coordinate get-togethers so members can experience all that Birmingham has to offer while enjoying the company of other moms and kids.

Don’t underestimate this moms’ group as simply a venue for a few ladies to get out of the house. This is a sophisticated organization, part of a national group and governed with by-laws so that there is accountability and responsiveness to member needs. Membership is open and dues are only $20 per year; prospective members may also visit an event to learn more about the group and its programs.

The MOMS OTM group has a get-together of some sort planned for most weekdays, with each member free to choose which events are most appropriate for her schedule and interests:

Playdates – These may be divided along lines of cradle to crawlers,  preschool or older depending on the appropriateness of the venue. Playdates take place at a variety of Birmingham locations such as Homewood Park, McWane Science Center, the Zoo, etc. Membership is open to moms with children of all ages.

Social events – These girls know how to have fun, including an occasional girls’ night out. They might play Bunco or make gourmet popcorn and rent a new release at someone’s home. Every mom needs a chance to take a break from childcare and be among grownups again.

Community Service – These women know that they can use their gifts in service to the community, so they take their efforts beyond social occasions and even involve their children in giving back. (On June 12, they will be hosting a lemonade stand in front of Smith’s Variety in Mountain Brook, part of the nationwide Alex’s Lemonade Stand ). What better way to pass along your values to your children than by taking action together?

The beauty of the MOMS organization is that members can have a full range of events available to them without having to individually do all the time-consuming coordination. Officers and members take time to develop each month’s calendar, and MOMS members can know they have plenty of activities available with no pressure to attend.

While the MOMS OTM chapter is actively seeking members, there are other MOMS Club chapters in Birmingham. To find a chapter closest to your area, visit

  • Mary Biggs

    Thank you so much for the great write up!!!

  • Staci Glazier

    Wow! What a great write up! Thanks so much. As the current President of the OTM MOMS Club, I must say it is, without a doubt, an extraordinary organization!