Taste the World From Hoover

If you are saddened by your travel prospects for this year, broaden your world the easy way by sampling international cuisine in Coffee-ol-ogy, a cafe in, of all places, the Hoover Public Library.

A coffee bar/lunch counter inside a public library is a brilliant development for so many reasons. Retail bookstores generally offer wonderful atmoshpere and coffee but buying every book of interest gets expensive (and cumbersome, if you don’t care to own and care for each book). In contrast, libraries are gloriously free and full of materials, yet how often have you wished for an iced tea or snack so you don’t have to interrupt your flow of thought?

Have the best of both worlds in The Plaza, the Hoover’s community equivalent of your family room at home. Besides comfy couches, wi-fi, and table seating, its Coffee-ol-ogy Cafe features a different global cuisine twice each month:

  • June 1st – Italian
  • June 15th – Polish
  • July 1st – American Classic
  • July 15th – French
  • August 1st – British
  • August 15t – Polynesian
  • Sept. 1st – Scottish
  • Sept. 15th – Jewish
  • Oct. 1st – Swedish
  • Oct. 15th – Mexican
  • Nov. 1st – Turkish
  • Nov. 15th – Southern Comfort
  • Dec. 1st – Moroccan
  • Dec 15th – Holiday Favorites

These dishes are in addition to their regular menu of salads, soups and sandwiches, all reasonably priced. There is a kids’ menu with the usual fare (PB&J, turkey sandwich) and next to the dining area are kid-sized tables and bead toys. You could meet a girlfriend for lunch and chat while the kids stay momentarily busy at the tables.

Feed your body, your mind and your taste for novelty without ever buying a plane ticket.