Advertising Zen: Reminders for Moms

 The tone of commercialism has changed now that the Great Recession has made it downright tacky to keep getting more and more stuff. We were accustomed to a constant dose of messages encouraging us to aspire to a better life through stuff ownership, but now the message is all about the moment. Consider the slogans:

JC Penney:  Ever Day Matters. So what if we aren’t planning posh vacations to escape our stressful work-to-spend lives? We’ve realized that life is happening here and now, so why hold out for some distant future? Maybe we should just make every day matter.  

Sears: Life. Well Spent. Maybe we’re still using that dirty word, spending, but at least we’re emphasizing the life side of the equation. Really, could there be a better epitaph?

WalMart: Save Money, Live Better. Nowadays we’re comparing the cost of a freezer entree to going out to a restaurant. When we put dining out in these terms,  we’re reminded that not every $40 restaurant meal gives us $40 of enjoyment (especially if the kids would have been just as happy with canned Spaghettios).

Don Drapers of the advertising world, we know you are developing these messages to suit your big clients. However, you’ve reminded us of some common-sense wisdom that we should have remembered all along.

  • Brooke

    Speaking of Don Draper, the new season of Mad Men starts tonight!