Free Back-to-School Vision Screenings

Hayden Powell, BirminghamMom and optometrist at Target Optical Center at The Grove in Hoover (Hwy 459 and John Hawkins Parkway), is offering free back-to-school vision screening for kids through August.

Vision screening appointments are reserved at 45 minutes past the hour and are scheduled beginning at 10:45 until 4:45 on Tuesdays and Fridays. If siblings require a screening, they can be seen during successive appointments.  Appointments are required; call 205-987-3672 to make yours.

There are several wonderful vision screening programs that may visit your child’s school during the year; however, if you want to start the year off addressing any vision issues, you can do so while you’re out back-to-school shopping. Catch any deficiencies early and perhaps a vision problem won’t be to blame for a grade/performance problem (of course, then you’ll have a whole other set of behavioral issues to deal with).