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Hints for Your Visit to Splash Beach at Alabama Adventure

We’re lucky to have a park like Alabama Adventure just down the road for most of us. The park truly is family friendly, a manageable size, and well landscaped and maintained. With our Alabama summers, we need some diversions to cope with the heat, and Splash Beach, the water park within Alabama Adventure, is the ticket.

Like all water parks, you’ll be exposed to a parade of flesh, tattoos, and body piercings, but no more than in the general population (or so I like to think). Here are some tips to help you prepare for everything else you’ll encounter:

  • Splash Beach has distinct areas geared toward different ages and interest levels. For example, Salamander Bay is a shallow wading pool progressing to short slides that dump into two feet of water. Slightly older thrill-seekers will prefer Castaway Island, which has plenty of water spouts and a giant tipping bucket. You know how difficult it is for little ones to play next to bigger kids and vice versa, so it’s important that they each have their own areas for play.
  • Don’t rely on the life guards to watch your kids. That said, the life guard staff has been visible and alert during my visits, which I deeply appreciate. I’m happy to hear the whistles that shut down horseplay, remind kids to walk rather than run, or keep lines moving along.
  • Lounge chairs are at a premium on crowded days, so for everyone’s sake, please take up no more than your family will truly use. You need one lounger for ”home base” and can claim it with your towels and bag, but don’t let the kids throw a towel down on another chair and then run off to the splash rides. It’s discouraging to see a lounger occupied with only a towel for hours on end when other families are searching for a spot.
  • Outside food isn’t allowed*, but many families head to back to their cars for a packed lunch or snacks and return. My recommendation to Alabama Adventure would be to add more shade and picnic spots, because although they generate revenue from concessions, good picnic spaces encourage us to stay longer in the first place and come back more often.
  • Moms in the Do Not Let My Hair Get Wet club, stay to the left side of the Warrior (lazy-style) River, lounge in the shallow section of the kiddie splash pool, and stay to the back side of the tipping bucket on Castaway Island. Other water park rides are out of the question, so send dad to escort the kids for those. It’s true we need to cut loose and have fun with the kids, but there are times when complete immersion is out of the question due to concerns with hair – I know plenty of sista moms who are not going to let all the work from that 5 a.m. hair appointment get ruined at a water park. Of course, this is Splash Beach, so you have been warned.
  • Bring cash for locker rentals, which are $5 for a small and $8 for large plus a $5 refundable deposit. The small lockers are adequate for a tote bag and a couple of beach towels. I’ve seen several moms opting to wear water proof badge holders around their necks for cash and cards, but the cell phone is what’s really tricky. If you don’t want to be the family’s human safe deposit box, get a locker. Of course, you’ll still have to be the key-keeper.
  • Consider a refillable drink cup for $9.99. Refills are 99 cents and you can use it all season. I’m still using mine from last season, so it’s been a great value, and  especially remarkable since we haven’t lost it already.

Look for a day with little chance of thunderstorms (the pools have to be emptied for 20 minutes or so following each thunderclap) and take the kids out for an adventure at our nearest, guaranteed oil-free beach.

*Toddler-type snacks for your little ones are fine.

Congratulations to Tiffany, a BirminghamMom from Fultondale, who won tickets for four to Alabama Adventure in the BirminghamMom recommend and win giveaway!

  • TH Harris

    Don’t you think you could update this a bit. It list the park as being in FAIRFIELD and the web address is incorrectly linked. With a new owner it would be nice to give it a new try.