Mom, the Original Hand Wash Monitor

The Birmingham Business Journal announced that two Alabama companies, Proventix of Birmingham and Synapse Wireless of Huntsville, have partnered to develop a hand wash monitoring system for use in the health care industry.

What I want to know is, when will this product be available for the home market? Because you know, I get weary of being a human hand wash monitor myself. (The hand washing monitor will use an employee’s badge to determine compliance and possibly deny access to patient records. Heck, we moms have been denying access to food as a condition of hand washing ever since the adoption of germ theory.)

Like every other mom, “Wash your hands” is one of my top five most frequent directives.  If you count the number of times I follow up with, “Are your hands clean?” we are easily talking about the most frequent mom-kid exchange over the first 16 years.

Without a nifty device like a hand wash monitor, we moms must function in that capacity. After all, we are the safety and quality control inspectors for the household. We make sure there are clean hand towels and refill the soap dispensers. If someone requires a stool to reach the faucet, we’ll get one. We each even carry the proverbial kitchen sink in our purse in the form of hand sanitizers and gels.

Whenever I hear a toilet flush down the hall, I’m automatically on alert waiting to hear the water faucet turn on. If I don’t hear this signal that hand washing has begun, I am compelled to holler, “Don’t forget to wash your hands!” and I’ve heard many other moms do the same thing.

We are the ones who shake our heads at those restaurant restroom signs required by the health department that state ”Employees must wash hands before returning to work.” OF COURSE they must! Didn’t everybody’s mamma teach them this? Surely our kids won’t still need a sign to remind them even after all our home training.

The again, if a hospital worker can forget to wash from time to time, maybe it’s all the more reason a hand wash monitor could stand in place as a reminder straight from mom.