Find: Catalog-Style Pillow Covers

If you ‘ve glanced at any home magazine or receive a certain catalog from a popular home furnishings store based in California, then you’ve seen pillows of this sort everywhere; simple solids or cabana stipes with a single brown button as a tab closure.  The pillow case and insert are sold separately for $15 to $25.

Southeastern Salvage has an aisle full of similarly styled pillow covers for $7.99 and the insert is free. Styles are both square and lumbar (rectangular shaped). Some of the colors include brown, yellow, kiwi, bright blue, and paprika.  The yellow or navy striped versions look especially sharp.

It must be acknowledged that these pillows are not comparable in quality to those you would find in a catalog. The fabric is a blend that feels fine but not luxurious, and the inserts are firm like the travel pillows that used to be offered on airlines in the go-go days when you were also served an in-flight snack.

 That said, if you want a throw pillow as an accent or to add color – not to actually sit on or lean against – this one fits the bill inexpensively.