Find: Humane Society’s Retail Store

If you already have a pet, you probably think of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society on Snow Drive (Oxmoor Valley area) in Homewood as a place you’ll visit when you’re ready to adopt another. But you may be surprised to learn that the Humane Society’s retail store is one of the best sources for pet supplies in town at absolutely unbeatable prices.

We’re in the habit of going to the usual big-box pet stores for whatever we need for our dog, but I’m so glad my daughter talked me into a visit to GBHS (with my condition that we are not, under any circumstances, getting another pet right now). The GBHS retail store is well stocked with the usual things you need for a new pet: leads, collars, beds, carriers. But the toys and accessories were especially impressive in terms of variety and materials, including a line of recylcled and all-natural products.

We bought a soft squeak toy for our dog for less than $3, and that included the tax! (Larger toys cost more, but most were well under $10.) Besides being kind to my own budget, this is an allowance-friendly place for the kids to shop. Best of all, proceeds from the store go back to the humane society itself.

Now that I know about the retail store, I much prefer it for dog supplies. It’s immediately inside the GBHS office, so it’s easy to access and shop. Of course, I can also catch a glimpse of the animals inside the shelter, which is therapy in itself. And I fully expect that I’ll break down and walk out with a new pet one of these days.

In the meantime, I’ve found a source for my current pet’s needs at a great price and for a good cause. The occasional wet-nosed kiss from the inhabitants  is just a bonus.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is closed on Wednesdays.