Find: WD-40 in a Pen

How many times have you muttered about that squeaky door hinge or the drawer that sticks? Then you get distracted before you can follow through on your resolve to do something about it, only to forget until – ugh! – the next time you open that door or drawer.

Fear no more, for the same convenience of the Tide stain stick or Clorox bleach pen is at hand for WD-40, the 50-year old product that can prevent rust, lubricate hinges, repel water and even remove crayon. It’s ubiquitous in every basement and garage, but usually somewhere near the power tools that Dad guards. In other words, it’s time we moms got our own can, or No-Mess Pen, as it were.

The product’s name stands for “Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try” and that alone is endearing.  It’s clear the engineer(s) named this before a marketing team could get involved.  Forty attempts! How many of us might have given up earlier?

WD-40 claims over 2,000 uses and even has a fan club. The pen alone claims 300 uses (highlights: removing adhesive left by labels, lubricating stubborn luggage zippers, and removing permanent ink from many items).  Although the pen has been around a few years, it wasn’t until I spotted it for 99 cents in the check-out aisle at Home Depot that I decided to take squeaky matters into my own hands.

Compared to the aerosol can versions, the pen is much more controllable for small jobs and clean-ups we moms encounter. Grab a second pen for the hubs to add to his tool box (and you can guard your No-Mess Pen the same way he guards his tools).

If you have 34 seconds, view the video clip titled “Bedroom Fun”of how WD-40 helps grandpa get some sleep. You’ll be packing your WD-40 pen for your next visit to the folks’ house.