It’s Not Too Late to Enjoy the Beach (and Win a Beach Bag)

Be Rewarded Beach Bag for a lucky BirminghamMom

A late-summer beach trip is like hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock; you get a reprieve and a chance to slip away and escape just one more time.

It’s not too late for us BirminghamMoms to show some love to the coast and get our beach fix. If you cancelled your plans earlier this year, you can go now with the assurance that your beloved coastline is still lovely and perhaps less crowded than before (translation: one less frisbee to bonk you in the head).

If you need further convincing, the Beaches of South Walton are promoting their 15 beautiful beaches through Sept. 30th with 250 reasons to visit: A $250 Southwest Airlines or Silver Sands gift card to those who book and stay with participating lodging partners.

The Be Rewarded promotion is also offering this beach bag full of goodies to BirminghamMom readers. Sign up for our newsletter or follow on Facebook to be entered for this beach bag, to be given away August 22 and mailed directly to your address.

Besides, I have 10 additional convincing reasons for BirminghamMoms to head to the coast:

  1. You can be there in less than four hours. Leave after school or work and you can have your toes in the sand by nightfall.
  2. It’s just too hot here. Instead of stewing in a basin of 100+ degree weather, you can be on the beach where the gulf breezes fool you into thinking it’s cooler.
  3. Did you skip the beach this year? Admit it, then summer just wasn’t the same. Reclaim your Alabama birthright and get to the beaches before you mess up your internal circadian clock and suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder all winter.
  4. You need a dose of Vitamin D.
  5. The sand is a natural exfoliator, and those flip-flopped summer feet could use a serious treatment.
  6. Apparently most of the oil has been gobbled up by oil-eating bacteria in the ocean. Visit the Gulf and ponder how such bacteria could be harnessed for housecleaning in addition to the already established “Scrubbing Bubbles.”
  7. If you’re concerned about eating seafood, remember there are no issues whatsoever with key lime pie or margaritas.
  8. Outlet mall shopping.
  9. Have you seen your girlfriends lately? What’s stopping you all from making a run to the coast?
  10. The fact that the coastlines are clear is true cause for celebration. The stars that fell on Alabama must have been some of the luckiest. Look over the Gulf horizon and appreciate – more deeply than ever before – what we feared we had lost.

The folks on the coast need our support now more than ever. The real tragedy would be to let the oil spill disaster become any worse due to perception than it actually was in reality.

  • Amanda Bosque

    This is an awesome giveaway! I am already a fan on Facebook and have signed up for the newsletter :)

  • Tina

    Thanks, Amanda! Good luck.

  • Denise

    I love the “10 reasons to head to the coast.” You make me laugh every time i visit this site. And your #10 reason is beautifully stated. ‘Nuff said.