Ten Lunchtime Energizers for Moms

The lunch hour is the halfway point in the day when we can assess what we’ve accomplished and what we have left to do. It’s often the only truly discretionary time a mom has.

Paige Goldman, a BirminghamMom and in-house counsel for a large company, has generoursly shared some of her suggestions for using the lunch hour to re-energize. My observations are in italics:

1. Enjoy a yoga class or massage.

2. Walk through the park or botanical gardens. (We are fortunate to have many beautiful landscapes in Birmingham. If you work in a large office complex, chances are it is professionally landscaped and has a lush view of trees or mountains.)

3. Have lunch with friends.

4. Practice a hobby – draw/sketch something you enjoy (a child’s face , flowers, etc.) or knit for 30 minutes.

5. Go to the store and buy something thoughtful for your child, husband, or someone who has helped you at work – you don’t have to spend too much – and make a little basket of goodies. The chocolate store is great for this. (Let’s just say the gift basket would be little lighter by the time I got it to someone…)

6. Call First Light, YWCA or another shelter and ask what supplies they need, then shop for it and bring it to them. Many times they need simple things like a few boxes of cereal, diapers or soap.

7. Get a pretty card or some stationery and write a nice letter to your grandmother or an older person you admire at your church.

8. Plan a dinner party at your house. (Paige, I chuckle at this suggestion because although it seems counterintuitive as an energizer, I think you’re right on the mark. Whenever I plan for company, it spurs me to get little things done around the house and anticipate having a good time. I’m always glad afterward and vow to host something again soon.)

9. Plan a fun activity with your child to do on the weekend, like gardening or baking cookies. Or, go to the craft store for a kit to make something interesting.

10. Go to a place of worship or any quiet place and pray or meditate.

It’s so easy for us to get carried away during the day with our to-do lists and interruptions. Reclaim your lunch as necessary time to connect and remember what motivates your best work, whether it takes place in an office or at home.