Arman’s White Chocolate Bread Pudding is Back

Fish Lips Seafood Restaurant

You foodie-moms will remember the beloved white chocolate bread pudding that Chef Arman Delorenz made a local sensation. After a few restaurant closings and consolidations, Arman is back, this time in Hoover with Fish Lips Seafood Restaurant.

The important thing to know is that the white chocolate bread pudding is resurrected here, so if you don’t try another thing, you can at least have one of Birmingham’s best desserts* at your whim. This is reason to rejoice.

Business is off to a brisk start at the restaurant, located in a Hoover strip mall south of the Galleria on Hwy 31 (Big Lots and Hobby Lobby are the anchor stores). I like that the menu has a range of prices, from a salad at $6.99 to the grilled mahi-mahi with baby crawfish tails and brown butter cream for $15.99. I had the shrimp basket at lunch and suffered remorse that I didn’t go for the shrimp and grits that I had to watch being devoured at a neighboring table (blackened shrimp served over a pan seared grit cake topped with a roasted tomato and lemon butter sauce).

Now, I’ve never understood people who go to a seafood restaurant and order anything other than seafood, but I understand there are those who are not fans of the ocean’s bounty (I lump these into the same group as “People Who Don’t Like Chocolate” – I don’t understand them, but I figure they just leave more for me).

For these folks, FishLips has blackened chicken quesadillas, wings, chicken baskets, and a grilled chicken and fried green tomato sandwich which especially has the possibility of tempting me away from shellfish. There is also a 1/3 pound burger, so surely your brood can be satisfied even if some of them are chicken finger/burger types.

The atmosphere is pretty  utilitarian – a Ci Ci’s Pizza in a former life – but the prices are reasonable. I observed an older crowd enjoying Sunday lunch, but there were also plenty of kids in high chairs. Of course, if you loved the white chocolate version of bread pudding, none of that  matters to you anyway.

FishLips Seafood Restaurant is at 1843 Montgomery Hwy, Hoover, 205.987.7200.

*It’s only right to mention that Olexa’s in Mountain Brook has heavenly white chocolate bread pudding presented in a martini glass, so we’ve not really had to do without this dessert. The dilemma at Olexa’s arises with their chocolate buttercream cake – how can you possibly choose?

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