Find: Time-Timer Replaces Mom’s Two-Minute Warning


Here’s a little gizmo for those of you with ADD kids (or ADD tendencies of your own). The Time-Timer shows the amount of time left for a task so your child can realize in a glance how much time is left to read, practice an instrument, or enjoy playtime. It’s especially helpful if your child is too young to read and understand a regular clock, or  if your child has difficulty focusing and needs to work in short bursts.

Too often it’s still a surprise  to a young child “when the big hand gets to 12″ and it’s time to stop whatever is going on. Conversely, a time out seems to take forever. But the Time-Timer removes the clock-watching from Mom and moves it to the instrument, which is a simple timer with a red “slice” that thins as the minutes count down.

When the time is up, the Time-Timer emits a short bell (or not; you can turn this feature on or off) even as the red area disappears. There is nothing complicated about setting it, since you just move the button to your designated number of minutes and it goes from there. One thing it doesn’t have is that unnerving tick-tick-tick noise of most mechanical timers. A stressed mom/kid doesn’t need additional noise to add pressure.

While these are marketed as educational-type products and especially for those with Attention-Deficit Disorder, there are plenty of other uses.

Uses for kids:

  • Limiting television time
  • Regulating video game time
  • Taking turns with a toy
  • Time-Out
  • Reading at least X minutes each day

For mom, they include:

  • Counting down time to spend on a chore (ex., cleaning out a closet)
  • Exercising – Is a big slice of red good or bad? You decide.
  • Limiting Internet time

Finally, wouldn’t you love to see a Time-Timer or similar product installed in every conference room at work? They should be essential for meetings.

For now these are available online through Amazon or for around $28. There’s also an App that may be just the ticket for you or your I-Pod Touch-carrying tweens.