Find: Wrap-N-Mat

Did you know that it takes a 1000 years for a plastic sandwich bag to degrade?  When my children started school and I began to pack lunches regularly, it seemed that we were going through plastic sandwich bags at an alarming rate. As I considered the 1000 year lifespan of the plastic bag surrounding my daughter’s turkey sandwich, I wondered…. Can I do better?

The plastic sandwich bag is so convenient and I’m not suggesting that you can rid your home of this essential Mom-solution.  But, here is a great way to save money and save the environment – one bag at a time.

It is the Wrap-N-Mat from   I ordered two mats online for $6.95 each.   The mat is plastic on one side and cloth on the other with a velcro strip to secure the ends.  It’s even easier than a plastic bag and there is that brief moment of satisfaction knowing that one less “baggie” is headed to the landfill.  Packing lunches is truly one of must least favorite activities so anything I can do to retain even an iota of satisfaction is worth the $6.95!

I expect there is a reason we’ve always ascribed a maternal aspect to Earth and nature.  Perhaps, the ancient civilizations knew that it would be the mothers that save Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

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  • Jennifer

    I have a question for you in regards to this, I have been looking in the Birmingham/Hoover area for some type of Asian dollar store. A friend of mine in CA, has one where she can buy all kinds of Bento lunch stuff for $1 and $1.50. If you have never heard of this, hear is an article about Bento stuff:

    It’s basically a laptop style lunch box with little dividers and little containers to portion control and where you never have to use disposable plastic bags. They even have tiny little bottles (my friend puts dips, syrups, and sauces in them.) I figured if anyone can find a store here in town that sells this stuff affordably it would be you!

  • Tina

    Jennifer, I could swear I have seen something like this around town and am racking my brain to think of where. I remember because I thought it was so clever that I should buy it, and then I was shamed by the thought that I already have a few lunch containers that I don’t use often enough. I will keep an eye out!