Fun Products for Tailgating, Entertaining Outdoors

Our beloved football season has arrived and that means tailgating, entertaining and people watching (and let’s not forget the ballgame itself).

Here are some fun products for this fall’s gridiron season (being shared on Fox 6 News at Noon Sept. 8):

Sizzle-Q barbeque griddle – Not everything you eat on a football Saturday has to have grill marks. This griddle is made to go directly on your grill so that you (make that the hubs) can serve up even breakfast foods like pancakes and bacon. It’s well-made, with features you’ve envied as you watched the Teppanyaki chef fry rice. With one of these, you’ll be tossing up shrimp for the kids to catch in their mouths. $69.99.

Drink N Plate – No awkward balancing a paper plate on your lap with acup perched nearby. This little gizmo lets you hold your cup and paper plate with one hand so you can use a utensil with the other. A pack of six is only $14.95, and they’re dishwasher safe. You could use them during ball season and again for next summer’s pool parties.

Bag-Caddy – You’ve seen pop-up trash bag holders, but this one is different. It’s actually sturdy enough to hold up serious barbeque trash like a bag full of ribs and glass bottles, yet it rolls up no bigger than a yoga mat when you’re done. You could use this anywhere you need a portable trash receptacle and then tuck it into the trunk or under a car seat until next time. Large is $13.99, extra-large $19.99.

Sport-brella Chair – Obviously some engineer mom sat through enough of her son’s baseball games to figure out a better way to stay out of the sun. As many of you moms know, you’ve gotta stay facing the action on the field no matter where the sun moves.  This chair is like any sport chair but has an umbrella/parasol attachment that can be rotated 360 degrees to keep you in the shade.  The liner has an SPF of 50+, so between it and your sunscreen, you may be able to avoid additional sun damage (beyond the unfortunate iodine-and-baby-oil period of your youth). The chair itself even has a bottle opener attached. So maybe it was an engineer dad who invented this? $39.99.

Speedminton – Similar to badminton, only no net to set up. One of the shuttlecocks can be stuffed with a glow-in-the-dark capsule (included) so you can play at night! What kid wouldn’t love that? I’m imagining this as a great way to have the kids burn off some energy before packing into the SUV/RV for the ride back home. $39.99.

ThermaCELL Lantern – Moms love multi-tasking products, and this lantern provides soft light and repels mosquitoes. It covers a 15 x 15 area and uses naturally-derived ingredients to keep mosquitoes away. $31.99 online (and available at several retailers).