Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 12th

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Maybe we’re all skeptical of “Hallmark Holidays” but there aren’t enough excuses to thank grandparents for all they mean in our lives. If you’re lucky enough to still have your own grandparents around, you know that you haven’t been giving them the time and attention you would like since you had kids of your own. And, you are probably beholden to your own parents and in-laws – your kids’ grandparents – for what they do for your family.
Consider Grandparents’ Day a commercial reminder that you need to acknowledge the grandparents in your life. For them, this stage is all about enjoying the fruits of surviving the years we’re in right now. Perhaps their households are a bit quieter and their time is a bit more fluid, providing the contrast that lets them savor interludes with  grandkids. Isn’t it ironic that they never cut you any slack and yet they let your kids break all their old rules?

Maybe they even exasperate you at times (You gave the baby a bite of hot dog? But the American Academy of Pedicatrics says they should be at least three years old!). Consider that you probably gave them some harrowing moments in your day, like when you rode in the back seat untethered. That’s why child locks eventually had to be developed for back doors. Nowadays we have car seats and DVD players to maintain control.

Here are some ideas for communicating your appreciation to grandparents:

*If your kids are old enough to draw or write, nothing, but nothing, beats a handwritten letter or artwork from them. No card from the store even comes close.

*If you do find a card that expresses your sentiments better than you can put into your own words, don’t neglect to include a drawing or scribble from your child’s own hand.

*Your grandparents may not get out much anymore and are unlikely to be digitally connected. Besides a note from your kids, send them a sheet of stamps, a packet of stationery and some return address labels you’ve printed from your computer. For a generation that fully appreciates the written word, a kit like this provides everything they need to stay in touch.

*If they can visit, have them over for a meal and make it as good as any party occasion with cake, ice cream, and balloons. Make plenty so you can send them home with leftovers to enjoy the next day. As for the cake, consider serving a pound cake since it freezes well and you won’t need a messy frosting. They’ll get to enjoy the cake and the memory several more times.