Moms, Get Hair Ready for Fall With Simple Steps

Cherie Greenberg of Harper’s Salon in Mountain Brook is a BirminghamMom who survived the hectic days and demands of young children. She shares her tips on how to treat yourself and your hair this fall:

Moms need style too!  It’s important to me as a stylist to remind women who are moms of young children to take care of themselves.  If you aren’t feeling good about yourself, or are tired or worn out, you aren’t at your best. If you aren’t at your best, how can you do your best?

As a mom of two children (now grown) I remember the days of self deprivation.  Would I do it all again? You bet, but differently.   I would have taken more time for myself, not because I’m selfish but because I see the value of self-preservation. That being said, the following are just a few tips for how you can accomplish this regarding your hair and pertaining to style.

1. Fall is upon us, and you may want to consider a color change, update or refresh.  A great way to do that is with low lights. Whether your hair color is dark or light, low lights can flatter your color and overall look.  Alternately, a color gloss will add shine and you can change the tone of your hair a lot or a little. Tones are color accents. For example if your hair is dark brown adding a little red to the gloss can revive your look while adding shine.

2. Products are important too.  If you’re using the wrong product, not enough or none at all you will not be getting the best look you can with your hair.

3. We are just coming out of a long, hot, sunny summer. Doing some deep conditioning with a professional masque can make an enormous difference in the condition of your hair.  You may have to apply this treatment twice or even three times over a few weeks, but it is worth the time and investment.

Take the time mom, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for the tips, Cherie. Every mom needs her stylist on speed dial. You can reach Cherie’s salon, Harper’s Salon Spa, at 205-871-7383.